Interior and Exterior Painting

Global Renovations LLC provides full, premium quality, custom painting services for our residential and commercial clients. Whether your painting project encompasses your home, office, or building’s interior, exterior, or both, we’ve got you covered. With superior techniques, utmost professionalism, and impeccable workmanship we’ll give your surfaces the crisp, immaculate appeal you have been coveting. Our specialists are skilled in applying distinct faux painting techniques. We complete all phases of your painting project, from preparing, patching, and priming to applying the final coat with extreme care and utmost diligence. Additionally, our dedicated and knowledgeable professionals will assist you in choosing the colors, textures, and top-quality products that best suit your needs and preferences.

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Drywall Installation & Repair

Drywall installation is one of the beginning stages of a construction or renovation project. As such, it is a crucial step requiring the expertise of a reputable team of specialists to ensure a perfect fit and a completely smooth finish. Global Renovations LLC is such team, as we are dedicated to providing outstanding, reliable, and customized drywall installation and repair services for residential and commercial projects of all scopes and sizes. Our talented professionals are highly experienced in drywall panel installation and drywall finishing and texturing. We also design different drywall structures and surfaces, such as arched entryways and ceilings and drywall columns. Global Renovations LLC covers all of your repair needs, from patching to repairing water damaged and rotten drywall and plaster wall.


Global Renovations LLC’s extensive experience encompasses installing, replacing, and restoring ceramic, marble, hardwood flooring, among others, for all living and workable spaces. We work with an extensive selection of wood floor species, types, and styles that include solid and engineered hardwood floors; laminate and floating wood floors; oak, cherry, and maple hardwood floors. Our ceramic and marble tile work and flooring services are unrivaled, as we rely on mastering the use of advanced technology and on having developed highly effective techniques and procedures to install both types of natural stones with absolute precision. Our rigorous attention to detail begins with ensuring that the floor surface is smooth, leveled, and protected against moisture and is present throughout the entire process.

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Global Renovations LLC is your source for all of your carpentry interior and exterior needs. Our carpentry services cover virtually any wooden element of your home, office, or building, from structural framing and wood backing to molding and fine trim installation. These also include wall treatments that encompass a wide variety of moldings and finish trim work, from wainscots and paneling to base boards and crown molding. At Global Renovations we also install and repair millwork, including doors and frames of all types and for any opening and project. We take care of all of your cabinetry, shelving, built-in and storage needs. Through our custom services, our team of fine skilled craftsmen can give your cabinetry, storage, and shelving elements optimal functionality and ultimate curb appeal.

Power Wash

Power or pressure washing is crucial recurring maintenance procedure, as it safeguards not only your property’s condition but your safety and that of others by removing hazardous and corrosive contaminates from your exterior surfaces. Global Renovations LLC performs residential and commercial power washing services of the highest quality. We service all exterior surfaces, including concrete, siding, textile, stone, brick and wood. Additionally, we restore everything to an almost new state, from your deck and fence to your property’s roof and driveway. With reliable technology and a solid expertise, Global Renovations LLC provides all power washing services with meticulous attention to accuracy to protect your property from getting damaged and to provide you with excellent and immaculate end results.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Global Renovation LLC extensive experience includes performing kitchen transformations and remodeling projects of all scopes. We not only strive to deliver the best quality end product and service, our specialists know from firsthand account how crucial a kitchen is to a family’s union and wellbeing. We offer personalized kitchen design services to bring to life the kitchen you envision yourself and yours enjoying. Global Renovation LLC tackles wall removals to open up your kitchen to your living and dining areas. Our services also encompass lighting, flooring, countertops, cabinetry, pantries, storage, bar tops and kitchen island installations, restoration, and repairs. Our knowledgeable specialists will assist you in selecting not only the most reliable products but those that best suit your needs and preferences.

Bathroom Remodeling

Global Renovations LLC also performs bathroom remodeling services designed to optimize the comfort, curb appeal, and functionality of your bathroom spaces. Our team of talented and dedicated professionals will provide you with a personalized service and fully customized design to ensure all of your needs and style choices are reflected in your bathroom remodeling project. Our services include installation, replacement and repair of all the following elements: bathroom floors, cabinets, vanities, countertops, ceramic tile, faucets, sinks, soaking and free-standing tubs, and walk-in bathtubs, among others. We perform every aspect of your project with absolute attention to detail, tidiness, and promptitude. From project design to painting and from plumbing to lighting configuring, we ensure outstanding and flawless results.

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Basement Remodeling

Global Renovations LLC provides basement remodeling services to extend and optimize your home’s living space and square footage. We turn uncomfortable, flawed, dank, and dark basements into daylight basements that will instantly render a feeling of spaciousness and transform it into a natural extension of your home’s living space. Our basement remodeling services encompass all types of room additions, including bedrooms, bathrooms, guest rooms, media and entertainment rooms, and office spaces. We also add top-quality fixtures, doors, windows, staircases, molding, and trim work to your basement to further enhance its aesthetic appeal. Global Renovations LLC performs structural improvements to your basement, including foundation reinforcements and eliminates moisture problems.