Global Renovations LLC is a construction and contracting company that specializes in remodeling work and serves the communities of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Its founder, Naveed Ahmad, has an all-encompassing 12 years experience in the residential and commercial construction sectors of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and elsewhere. It is because of his global experience, his comprehensive understanding of the craft, and the versatility of his skills that he decided to name his company Global Renovations LLC. Made up of a team of well trained, carefully selected, and dedicated professionals, Mr. Ahmad's company serves residential and commercial customers alike. Furthermore, it performs a range of interior and exterior remodeling services that include interior and exterior painting, drywall installation and repair, flooring and tile work; carpentry and power wash.

Global Renovations LLC's specialties are bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeling.

We are additionally, licensed under the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.

MHIC License No. 05-135943